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Tuesday Intros: Dorothy Must Die

This is a book meme started by @Bibliophile By the Sea where you share the first paragraph of a book you’re reading or planning to read. This week I’m sharing the opening to Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige. I decided to start reading this book to have a break from another book I’m reading, and because my friend loves it so much. 



I first discovered I was trash three days before my ninth birthday–one year after my father lost his job and moved to Secaucus to live with a woman named Crystal and four years before my mother had the car accident, started taking pills, and began exclusively wearing bedroom slippers instead of normal shoes

Wow! What a powerful opening. It just immediately jumped into the mess that is Amy’s life, and I loved it. This is such a strong, emotional first sentence. I’m about 70-80 pages in so far and I’m loving the story. It’s pretty much exploring what happened to Oz after Dorothy–and oh man, are things seriously messed up. It’s almost like a twisted fairytale. It’s really, really great ❤ can’t wait to see where the story goes and I’m thinking I’m going to definitely be continuing this series.



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