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Sunday Overview: Running Outta Room

So, I haven’t had quite as much time to read this week as I would’ve liked. Plus I got sick over the weekend (bleh, I hate being sick). I did get a little progress done on the book I got from Netgalley between waiting for class to start and waiting on the train afterward to get home. I have also been spending a crap ton of money on books from Thriftbooks which basically translates into a lot of books (since they’re really cheap on there). I have resorted to stacking books in my closet because my bookcase and default stacking place in my room have been filled up haha. I am so terrible xD eventually, I keep telling myself, I will finish more books on my shelf and find ones I don’t like too much and get rid of them (thereby freeing up space). So my book haul this month will definitely be big, but at least it’ll be a lot of cool books. I decided to give Carve the Mark a try since I had a coupon from B&N. Hopefully it’s worth it. I really enjoyed the Divergent series (for the most part) but this book has gotten a lot of mixed reviews. Anyways, I hope everyone is having a good week, getting lots of books (hopefully reading them haha). I’ll post again tomorrow with my Monday TBR.


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