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Review: Divine Descendant




Title:Divine Descendant

Author:Jenna Black

Series: Book 4, Final

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ✩



Things have gone downhill fast for these immortals. Anderson has been outed as a God, and the Olympians now know that he killed their previous leader, Konstantin. Now, Konstantin’s son wants revenge, but so does Anderson’s wife. Driven to revenge by grief, this fertility goddess is prepared to end all of humanity if it gives her a shot at killing Anderson. Nikki and her friends are left scrambling to fix the mess and avoid an all-out war with the Olympians when Anderson goes missing. Will she find a way to stop the bloodshed?

divider-51Favorite Characters

Of course, I love Nikki

I also really like Jamaal in this book because he grows up so much. He’s come a long way from the always-angry-and-don’t-touch-me guy from the first book and how he comes to really trust Nikki in this one. Their relationship is adorable to me in so many ways.

divider-51Favorite Scenes

► This pretty sums up my feelings for Jamaal haha

If you’d asked me a couple of weeks ago if I’d ever imagined Jamaal, with his incandescent temper, being the voice of reason, I’d have laughed you out of the room.

► I love Jack ❤

“I will selflessly volunteer my services,” he said in a booming voice, just in case he didn’t already have our full attention. “I will joyfully fall on my sword in the service of mankind.” He put his hand over his heart and raised his chin high. “It will be a hardship above all others–“

“Oh, shut up and sit down,” Jamaal growled, never Jack’s biggest fan. “I’m sure you can think of a dozen more penis puns, but they’re not exactly original. Or funny.”

“What if I said I’m up to the task? Would that be funny enough for you, or would you still have a bone to pick?”

There was a collective grown and more than one “shut up, Jack.” 

► Well, she’s not wrong.

“I still haven’t figure out if you’re brave or stupid,” Jamaal said with a shake of his head.

“I didn’t realize the two were mutually exclusive”. 

► Did I mention I love Jamaal?

My plan had been to go to the Underworld alone rather than risk any of my housemates, but I should have known Jamaal would veto that idea.

“No way you’re traipsing around the fucking Underworld with some Olympian shitbird as a guide and no backup,” was how he put it.

► I liked this moment because it truly showed how back Anderson messed up. Jamaal had never questioned him and everyone in the house was always kind of afraid to stand up to Anderson, but you can tell he really lost their respect.

“Back. The. Fuck. Off,” Anderson grated with careful enunciation.

If Jamaal were in one of his death-magic-fuled ragest, he wouldn’t have even noticed the threat, much less given in to it. But though he was angry enough to spit nails right now, it was a rational anger. I saw his glance drop to Anderson’s glowing hand, saw that he was fully aware of the threat.

He threw a punch anyway.


This book was amazing. I had always wondered why Anderson didn’t want anyone to know he was a god (I mean, what’s the worst that can happen, right?) and we finally get to find out. What’s the only thing a god has to be afraid of? The wrath of a goddess/ex-wife. The reveal about what made her want revenge was shocking too. It’s something you never would’ve expected from Anderson but then you think “well, he wasn’t always this was, was he?”

I love Black’s writing style. It flows well and is simple but amply descriptive when it needs to be. Her characters are well written and so full of life–by that I mean they actually feel real and aren’t just there to move the plot along. Nikki and Jamaal grew the most in this book, the evidence being in how their relationship takes a giant step forward.

There was a good balance between the main story and the romance between this characters. It was there just enough to be refreshing but not detract from the main goal–which I liked. I won’t go into it too much so I don’t spoil it–but the amount of trust that Jamaal shows Nikki in this book is just… downright adorable and heartbreaking (when he talks about his past).

I like the twist in the story of how Anderson’s ex-wife planned to get her revenge (because really, how are you supposed to kill a death god, right?). It really stepped things up and I like that throughout it the Olympians were helpful but maintained their selfish nature (always trying to strike bargains. Jenna Black does a really good job of keeping her characters true to themselves/realistic.

And the ending was amazing as well. I love Nikki for her ability to put herself in someone else’s shoes and see things from their perspective so that she can come up with a solution. Leave it up to her to find something that seems totally impossible to solve/replace by most people’s standards (again, won’t go into details because of spoilers). Plus, I like the gesture that Anderson does in the end.

Overall, a great book, and a great ending for the series. This is one that I would definitely recommend ❤

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