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Current Reads: Queen of Shadows, And I Darken, Catching Fire

Woot, I finished the last book from my earlier batch of Current Reads so I’ll be writing up the review soon. Annnnnd as such it’s time to pick my next round of books. I’m continuing two series this time around and also starting a new series! Aside from these though I’ll also be reading through the two ARCs that I received in some giveaways (“Women In The Castle”, and “Geekerella”).


Title: Queen of Shadows
Author:Sarah J. Maas

I seriously cannot wait to continue this series right after I finished Heir of Fire. That last book was so awesome that I couldn’t possibly find it in me to NOT continue right away (usually I take breaks between series but not this time!). I love, love, love this series ❤


Title: And I Darken
Author:Kiersten White

I read her Mind Games series last year and fell in love with her writing, and I’ve also heard really good things about this book from my bff Lourdes so I’m ready to tackle this book!


Title: Catching Fire
Author:Suzanne Collins

I ended up loving Hunger Games so much more than I thought I would so I really want to continue the series. Plus, I start my Hunger Games class in 2 weeks so if I get the second book out of the way I’ll be way ahead in the readings.


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