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Review: Heir of Fire




Title:Heir of Fire

Author:Sarah J. Maas

Series: Book 3

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ✩


*Note:Check out my review for the first and second book.



This is the third book in the Throne of Glass series. Celaena is still drowning in the loss of her friend and trying to find a way to fight back against the king. But she’s not ready to do it the way people want her to. Before she can get answers from the one person she thinks can help, she’ll have to face her fears and learn to control her powers. Meanwhile, Chaol is still trying to maintain his loyalties to his friends and King, but he will be forced to decide who he really serves.

divider-51Favorite Characters

I don’t want to say Celaena because that’s very obvious. Instead, I’ll say my next two favorite characters in this book were Rowan and Manon. Both new characters in this book and both equally great in their own ways.

Rowan was a great because of his tough love policy which Celaena really needed. But not only that I loved the “silent” conversations that they shared. I loved them both together as friends because they were so great and helped each other out in their hard-headed ways. I just could not get enough of them ❤

Manon … I was not expecting to like, but I also loved her. Especially when it came to her and her wyvern, Abraxos. They were just a funny pair but also really powerful and intimidating. I loved them despite the fact that they were kinda meant to be enemies. Her strong convictions and loyalty impressed me.

divider-51Favorite Scenes

► I thought it was nice that Rowan honored her wishes on this at least (given that they weren’t friends yet because this was early on). But I also enjoyed this moment because of what it took… and meant for Celaena to pick up this name as her own during her stay at Mistward.

Rowan looked at her with raised brows, and she could see the words in his eyes as clearly as if he’d spoken them: You wanted to remain unidentified, so go ahead, Princess. Introduce yourself with whatever name you want.

At least he’d listened to her last night. “Elentiya,” she choked out. “My name is Elentifya.” Her gut tightened.

► This was a great description. I absolutely loved it even though this isn’t the wyvern I was talking about. Still, love Maas’s writing ❤

Magic was gone, and yet this was possible–this creation of magnificent beasts. Magic was gone, and yet Manon felt the sureness of the moment settle along her bones. She was meant to be here. She’d have Titus or no other. 

Because she’d suffer no creature to be her mount but the fiercest, the one whose blackness called to her own. As her eyes met with the endless dark of Titus’s, she smiled at the wyvern.

She could have sworn he smiled back.

► Rowan was great for Celaena because he was never afraid to call her out on her bullshit. She needed an ass-kicking (literally and figuratively) in this book and I’m glad he was able to push her into being someone better.

He brought his canines so close to her neck that one movement would have him ripping out her throat. “Here’s an idea,” he growled. “I don’t know what the hell you’ve been doing for ten years, other than flouncing around and calling yourself an assassin. But I think you’re used to getting your way. I think you have no control over yourself. No control, and no discipline–not the kind that counts, deep down. You are a child, and a spoiled one at that. And,” he said, those green eyes holding nothing but distaste, “you are a coward.”

► Like I said, I loved how Abraxos was a badass wyvern that fought despite being told it was useless and only good to be beat on. Plus it protected Manon and proved himself a true fighter.

Men held up a hand. And again, the world stopped.

Manon, eyes still upon the beast, said, “He’s mine.” 

He had saved her live. Not by coincidence but by choice. He’d felt the current running between them, too. “What?” her grandmother barked from above.

Manon found herself walking toward the wyvern, and stopped with not five feet between them. “He’s mine,” Manon said, taking in the scars, the limp, the burning life in those eyes.

The witcher and the wyvern looked at each other for a moment that lasted for a heartbeat, that lasted for eternity. “You’re mine,” Manon said to him.

► No spoilers, but there was some unexpected romance that I totally shipped.

Maybe there could be no future, no hope of anything more, but just looking at him standing there, in this moment, she wanted to be selfish and stupid and wild.

It could all go to hell tomorrow, bu she had to know what it was like, just for a little while, to belong to someone, to be wanted and cherished. 

He did not move, didn’t do anything but stare–seeing her exactly how she saw him–as she grabbed the lapels of his tunic, pulled his face down to hers, and kissed him fiercely.

► Again, Maas pulls at my heartstrings in the worst way. All my feels for Celaena *tears up*

There was a faint ringing in her ears that turned into a roar. And beneath it, a sudden wave of numbness, a too-familiar lack of sight or sound or feeling. She didn’t know why it happened, because she had been so dead set on hating him, but… it would have been nice, she supposed. It would have been nice to have one person who knew the absolute truth about her–and didn’t hate her for it. 

It would have been really, really nice.

She walked away without another word. With each step she took back to her room, that flickering light inside of her guttered.

And went out.


Wow, this book

To start off, I’d like to be honest and say: yes, this book did take me a little bit more to get into it. It wasn’t until about 100 pages in that I was really losing myself in the story. It started off a little slow with Celaena just feeling sorry for herself, but it quickly changed as soon as Rowan came into the picture.

And now that we’re onto Rowan I have to tell you how much I love him. I love him for his tough-love routine and not giving Celaena the babying that she’d been getting from other people. She needed to be pushed into getting over so many of her fears and accepting her mistakes and he helped her get through it. I also loved their silent conversations that happened and were usually very entertaining. Their friendship, honestly, was just refreshing.

On a similar note, I also loved Manon and her wyvern. I loved the intelligence in him and his stubborn/pouty attitude. He could be intimidating and powerful, but also a really big baby sometimes about things that he was afraid of. More than anything I loved their loyalty to one another. It was great to see her fierceness in protecting him despite how heartless and vicious her clan of witches was supposed to be.

This book was great because many of the characters grew up in this book. Chaol spent the longest time caught between his loyalty to the King and his friends. It was a bit annoying that he couldn’t make up his mind what mattered most, but great when he finally did. The same happened with Dorian. And of course, Celaena grew incredibly in this book. I was so glad when she stopped wallowing in self-pity and going over her mistakes again and again. Wow, plus the twist at the end made me really eager to read the next book. I really can’t wait ❤


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