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Book Haul: December 2016

Whew, when I look back at all the things I buy I realize I’m not wrong when I say I buy an obscene incredible amount of books. Due to the fact that I get so many ebooks (most of them free but still) I’ve decided to include some of the ones that interested me the most. But also because I have such a large amount of books to share in this post (and future ones probably). I’m going to probably highlight a few in this post that I’m particularly excited about.


Physical Books

BH Dec 2016.jpg


BH Dec 2016 ebooks


And I Darken is easily like the #1 book I’m excited to read out of his haul. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it (especially from Lourdes). I loved Kiersten White’s Mind Games series, and I’ve also heard good things about her The Chaos of Stars. So I’m looking forward to reading her works since I also have that one in ebook form.

Crusade and Unleashed I snatched up immediately since I loved the Wicked series that these authors also co-authored together. It was pretty much the same with Glass and Fallout–I had to get them since I fell in love with her Crank book, which I reviewed here.

I also finished buying the rest of Heather Brewer’s The Slayer Chronicles and The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod series–which my boyfriend recommended to me. I was able to get Survive the Night during the Barnes and Noble Black Friday sale. I heard good things about it and it sounds equal parts awesome and creepy so I’m so excited for it.

I bought the Hunger Games trilogy as we’ll be reading them next semester in my Hunger Games class (yes, that’s literally the name of the class haha). I wasn’t expecting to like them too much since I’d seen the movie and thought it was alright, but the first book at least has been so much better. I love it and did a review here. I’ll be reading the rest of the series soon hopefully to get ahead of my class.

I also bought the first two books in the Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children series because there’s been so much hype about it and I’m pretty curious. Not to mention there’s the movie I want to see so I figure I should read the books first.

The Women in the Castle I just got yesterday It’s an ARC that I received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review so I’ll be tackling that soon. It’s being published in April 2017 I believe. I also made a post when this baby came in but I’ll mention it again coz it’s gorgeous: I won Johanna’s Christmas in a Goodreads giveaway ❤ It’s a beautiful coloring book and if you haven’t seen them you should look her up and buy all her things because she has several other coloring books that are equally gorgeous.

I bought the Iron Fey series–or at least this ebook collection of half of it–(like most things) on impulse because it was on sale. I’m not even 50 pages in but I’m not liking it as much as I was hoping I would. BUT I’ve only just started so I’m trying to reserve judgment and hopefully, it’ll pick up.

It’s funny because this next series makes a reference to the Iron Fey–I also picked up Gena Showalter’s Alice in Zombieland Chronicles at the same time since it was on sale. Now this series isn’t perfect either, but I really enjoyed it. I’m actually looking forward to reading the rest. I recommend checking it out but just go into the book without any expectation of Alice in Wonderland connections. There are literally two things that vaguely connect it (the main character’s name and some rabbit clouds that show up in the book). Just go into the book as if it’s something entirely it’s own–because it is. My review of the first book is here.

Okay, okay–this one is totally worth mentioning because the plot just sounds so cool. The Forgetting is about a town where everyone loses their memory every twelve years. If it’s not written down, people will forget it. And everyone keeps journals and books where they essentially have their whole lives written down. It’s also convenient because you can write something that’s not true and no one will know otherwise. Except for Nadia, who has never forgotten. She then has to save the town from danger before The Forgetting happens.

A Study in Charlotte caught my attention because it’s supposed to be the descendants of Sherlock and Watson in a modern-day boarding school. They don’t want to be friends but are kinda pushed together when someone at their school dies and they set out to figure out who killed them. Kinda sounds cool so I thought “why not”.

The Fall of Lisa Bellow was another ebook ARC I received (the other being The Beast is an Animal which I reviewed here) in exchange for an honest review. I just finished this yesterday so I’ll be writing my full review soon, but spoiler alert: I didn’t like it. I had to push myself through the whole book because I didn’t want to DNF and write a review. If I’m going to say it was bad I want to be able to say exactly why. This book is about Meredith, who runs into Lisa at a sub shop when someone comes in to rob the store. Lisa is kidnapped and the rest of the story basically goes on to tell how Meredith and her mother, Claire, deal with the aftermath of being the one who wasn’t taken.

I’m gonna lump together my “dark”/creepy stories. The Cellar is about a girl that is kidnapped and held hostage along with other girls–all of whom are renamed with flower names by the kidnapper. This Is Where It Ends is about a school shooter/shooting and the moments of terror that the victims experienced in the span of 54 minutes. Shadow, Shadow I just bought today because it sounded amazing. Harley receives an unusual gift on her 16th birthday: a shadow box. With it, she can give one person to the shadows and erase them from existence, but if she doesn’t choose someone then someone she loves will be taken by the shadowbox. I was so happy when Sleeping Giants went on sale coz I’d had my eye on it for a while. This one is about a girl who falls into a hole and she has to be rescued. When they come to pull her out they’re shocked to see she’s sitting on a giant metal hand. Years later, she’s grown up and a top physicist, determined to find out the secrets of the hole she fell into as a child.

These last two are romance books. Tell Me Three Things follows Jessie and her struggle to adjust to her new school. After her mother’s death, she’s forced to move to LA to live with her stepmother. She feels like she doesn’t belong and when someone messages her online–calling himself S/N (Somebody/Nobody)–offering to help guide her through it she’s a bit wary. She gives in and lets S/N help her and they essentially become her lifeline. But now she wants to meet S/N in person. The last book I’m going to mention is If I Was Your Girl. This one is about Amanda, who changes schools for her senior year. She’s determined not to get too close to anyone so they don’t discover her secret, but when she falls in love with Grant that all changes. Now she’s afraid to tell him her secret: that she used to be Andrew. This is something totally different for me and I can’t wait to read it ❤

So yeah, that’s my book haul for this month. I hope some of these seem interesting to you guys and that you’ll want to check them out. Have a great year everyone!


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