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Current Reads: Heir of Fire, Iron King, Hunger Games

Alright, so I kinda said this already in another post but I’m moving on from Brisingr from the time being. I don’t want it to be on my “immediate” or “active” reading/review list because, honestly, it’s really likely going to take me forever to finish it. It took me years to push myself through that second book. I will still read it, but slowly and on my own time. So I’m going to choose my next books for now and eventually, whenever I happen to finish it, I will review Brisingr.


Title: Heir of Fire
Author:Sarah J. Maas

Been in love with this series since I started reading the short stories forever ago. Loved the first book and definitely got pulled in with the second. It’s quickly becoming one of my top favorite series and I can’t wait to see where it goes.


Title: The Iron King
Author:Julie Kagawa

This is another series I managed to snag on sale (the other big one being Alice in Zombieland) and I’ve been looking forward to it for a bit. It’s a faerie book so I’m definitely looking forward to it (been addicted to faerie series since Tithe and Wicked Lovely. 


Title: The Hunger Games
Author:Suzanne Collins

I’m going to be tackling this book during my break because I’m actually taking a Hunger Games class next semester (reading the entire series is part of the curriculum so I thought I’d get ahead a bit so I’m not too overwhelmed later on). I’ve seen the movie and heard plenty of it from friends but I’ve always been curious about the book. Guess there’s no better time to read it!


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