General Updates

Overview: Finishing Up the Semester

This was my finals week so I didn’t actually have much to do except turn in a few things online, which gave me a lot of free time to read. I’m actually surprised at how much I got done this week and I’m expecting to have my progress continue at the same rate at the very least over break. I do intend to read Hunger Games since I’m taking a class on the series (should be interesting!), not sure if I’d want to read the whole series before. Would rather pace myself and keep it fresh in my mind as the semester goes along.

Some things that happened this week were:


I’m currently nearly done with Alice in Zombieland and am planning to do a review on it because it was actually pretty good. I’m not feeling too sure about Brisingr still. I sense it’s going to take me a very long time to get through it (as it did with Eldest) so I don’t want to feel pressured to get it done before I review other things on here. So I’ll just take it off my “immediate” review list and read it slowly in my own time. I will review it whenever I finish it, I just don’t want to set a deadline for myself and ruin my reading streak. And since I’ve decided that I will post up a new Current Reads list to keep show which books I plan to read and review next.

Another reminder: follow me on twitter because I tend to tweet whenever I find a good giveaway, so I share those on there. And also add me on goodreads if you want to be friends, share books, or just chat c: Both my accounts are listed on my contact list.


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