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Top 5 Wednesday: Good to Bad

Yep, I have decided to start participating in #T5W! Seems like fun, and it’s always interesting to read what other people reply to these in the comments. The question/theme for this week is: What series started out strong but got increasingly worse with each book/season? (open to TV shows as well). This will be kinda difficult for me since I haven’t read too many series that I didn’t like.


1. House of Night by P.C Cast and Kristin Cast

This series… oh man. I liked it to start off with. I especially liked the whole concept of vampires in modern day having their own school but that isn’t secret. I liked the way that their powers were based off elements and that people had affinities for them–there were some really good ideas put into this series, but it just got cliche, then weird, then bad. I won’t spoil anything in case someone wants to read this, but the main character does go through like 5-6 love interests in the series. And then she has like really solid romantic with 3 of them at the same time basically and it just got insane. I hated the romance in this after about the third book. I kept hoping it would get better so I kept reading but it never really did. I’m only about 3 books away from finishing the series and I do plan to finish it just so I can see where this train wreck ends. 

2. The Immortals by Alyson Noel

Okay, so this series I didn’t actually finish. Not even close. I had a friend back in high school lend it to me and it was absolutely horrible. I kinda liked it at first, but then the characters just said… increasingly stupid things, made stupid decisions. Ugh, and there was one character that was so selfish and stupid–she almost gave away some people’s secrets just to save her cat. The main character kept trusting the villain over and over even though he screwed them every time. I hated, hated, hated this series. It was so terrible I actually erased it from my memory until another friend let me borrow it and it wasn’t until the middle of the second book that I remembered everything and immediately gave them back to her the next day.

3. Shadowhunters

I’m talking about the TV Show here. The books are absolutely amazing, but the TV show sucks. The acting is kinda bad–which by itself wouldn’t be enough to make me hate this show, but it’s this combined with the writing. The writing for this show is so bad and cliche. I mean… the characters just say the stupidest most ridiculous things. I mean at one point one of them made a “joke” something along the lines of “It couldn’t get any worse. I mean, what, are we gonna discover magic or something”. That kinda stuff. Horrible. I tried to force myself to watch the rest of the season but I couldn’t, so I only watched about 3 episodes and I’m sure the second season won’t be any better.

4. Eon by Alison Goodman

It’s a duology so not really long, but the second book did not live up to the first in my opinion. I think the romance was pushed just a tad too much in the second book considering there wasn’t much of it in the first. And it was like this new burning attraction between the two characters that made me “bleh” about it. Not to mention it just didn’t have the same feeling as the first. Still good, just not great.

5. Inheritance by Christopher Paolini

I’m actually reading the third book right now so I’m not done with this series either. Eragon, the first book, was amazing. I finished that in two hours and then when I picked up the second book it took me years to get through it. I think I actually finished it a year or so ago and it’s only now that I found it in me to pick up the third. The second book dragged on too long, though the ending did kinda have an interesting reveal. I’m hoping the third book will be better than the second but I’ve heard kinda mixed reviews about it.


So these are my top 5 books/shows that started off good and went bad. What about you guys? Have you read any of these and disagree? Or what would you put on your list? Let me know in the comments!


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