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Soundtrack Saturday: Crown of Midnight

So I’ve decided to include some new stuff for my blog to help me keep active and have more to say. Plus, some of these seem really fun. This meme is from @TheHardcoverLover. I really love music and make mini soundtracks for when I’m writing so it should be just as fun for reading books. This soundtrack is for Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas. Side note: picking a song for the beginning and end was really hard for me haha.

1. Crawling In the Dark by Hoobastank (Acoustic)

This one I chose in acoustic because it gives it a different feel. It’s more sorrowful, more pleading and kind of makes it feel less intense. I think in the beginning of the book, and leading up to the middle Celaena was really reluctant to accept her fate but was also missing something. She wasn’t happy with how things were.

2. Down With the Fallen by Starset

I think this song really fits Celaena in this book. She goes through some really tough things and it pushes her to the brink, but I wanted it to have a kinda tinge of hope, which this song has.

3. Heads/Tails by Hotspur

This one I chose for Chaol and Celaena because they have these tiny moments where they dare to dream of living a happy life outside the castle. He wants to give her a chance at happiness after all she’s been through.

4. Only A Memory by Icon For Hire

Kind of a mix between Celaena and Chaol, and then also the death of a character in the book (won’t spoil it).

4. Fear Not This Night by Malukah

I love this song because it has this very fantasy feel to it and I think it fit well for this book. It kinda feels like coming home kind of thing which I think fit the ending of the book a bit.


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