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Book Haul: November 2016

Figured I’d start doing these since it’s easier to keep track of and much neater. So I’ll just go ahead and list off the purchases I made since my last book buy post. You know… excluding the obscene amount of ebooks I buy daily haha. I want to start including them in my book haul posts though, so we’ll see if I decide to start that up next month/year.


BH Nov 2016 .jpg


I believe Barnes and Noble had some kinda sale or coupon when I got Bits and Pieces. It was the last book in the series/that I needed for the Rot and Ruin series.

The Parasol Protectorate series was recommended to me a long time ago by a friend. I was able to get the first two books for cheap at Book-Off before and then during a sale I was able to get the last three on Thriftbooks.

The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod is a series that my boyfriend really loves so I wanted to give it a shot. I’d seen it around at BookOff a lot but never really checked it out. I got the first two books for like $5, and I ordered the rest off Thriftbooks, as well as the companion trilogy. ย (1, 2)

I decided to order the rest of the Half-Bad trilogy during the Barnes and Noble Black Friday sales so I picked up Half Lost and Half Wild. Still waiting for book 2 to come in.

Gonna end with the highlight of the month haha: Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy. This baby โค If you follow my blog you know I just finished the Mortal Instruments series recently and so I’m dying to read about Simon’s adventures because the last book in the series made my heart break a little. This was also during the B&N Black Friday sale.



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