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Current Reads: Crown of Midnight, Brisingr, & Divine Descendant

Phew, I was finally able to finish the last of my “current reads” yesterday (Review for City of Heavenly Fire is up now) so now it’s time to pick out the next few books I’m going to read. I usually only pick two. A book I have a physical copy of and one that I own in ebook format but I’m going to be ambitious and pick three this time around.


Title: Crown of Midnight
Author:Sarah J. Maas


Absolutely loved the first book so I’m excited to finally start up the second. Celaena is an assassin who was thrust into a contest that promised her freedom if she served for a few years. First, she had to survive the contest and a dark magic that was taking out the competition one by one. Now, Celaena has become the King’s champion, but she’s not loyal to him. She’s keeping secrets and it’s hurting her closest friendships. When a tragic event occurs her loyalty will be tested and she will have to decide whose side she’s really on.


Title: Brisingr
Author:Christopher Paolini

Oh man. This series. I loved the first book–finished it in 2 hours in fact–but then took years to get through the second because it just… was so slow. It dragged on and on, and it really didn’t spark my interest like the first one. When I finally did finish it I “started” Brisingr but I really only read like 5 pages in and just didn’t pick it up again because I was stressed out with school at the time. I think I’m ready to jump into it though. I heard from a friend a while back that this one wasn’t as slow and that it was actually really epic and interesting so I’m hoping to get that spark back from Eragon. This is the last book in the series. I’m going to be honest, I don’t remember much right now about what happened in the last book because it’s been so long but the series is about Eragon and his dragon Saphira fighting against the tyrannical King Galbatrox. He started as a farm boy, grew from tragedy, and is now the only hope for the rebels who struggle to overthrow the king. Highly recommend the first book in the series.


Title: Divine Descendant
Author:Jenna Black

The last book in the series and I am so pumped! I love Jenna Black and this series (I’ve also read her Faeriewalker Series and recommend it <3). The series follows Nikki Glass, a private investigator whose life is thrown upside down when she accidentally kills an immortal. Only it doesn’t end there–she’s a Descendant: a being born from a mortal human and immortal god/goddess who is gifted with supernatural powers. When she kills him, his immortality is transferred to her, and she’s forced to join sides in a war between the Olympians and the Immortals in order to protect herself and those she loves. Along the way she finds new friends, new love, and discovers some big secrets. In this last book, she has to find a way to get two gods to play nice or else watch humanity be wiped out. But that’s not the only thing she has to worry about. Their enemy, the Olympians have found out that the Immortal Leader, Anderson, killed their last leader. Now the Olympians want revenge. Fighting a battle on two fronts: Nikki has her work cut out for her.




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