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Catching Up #4 – 2016

And here is my final post regarding my recent purchase. Or at least all that’s arrived so far haha. I’m still waiting on a few books to arrive so I might have to do one more post than I originally planned for. But moving on~


bh catch up 4.jpg


Rot and Ruin was a series my boyfriend recommended to me. I haven’t read too many zombie books but I love The Walking Dead so I was like “hey, let’s try it out!”. I’ve managed to grab most of the series for cheap from both Thriftbooks and BookOff. I only have the last book to purchase but I figure I can wait off on it. It’s set in a post-apocalyptic U.S. where every kid has to get a job before they turn 15 or risk having their rations cut in half. Benny is reluctant to apprentice as a zombie hunter with his older brother but finds he has no other choice.


I foundย the first two books of the Finishing School series at BookOff

The Falling Kingdoms series was recommended to me by Lourdes, I bought the first two books in the series while at BookOff. As two kingdoms fight for power, the lives of four people are changed and they find themselves pushed into action. One a princess, one a rebel, one a sorceress, and one an heir. Don’t know too much about this but Lourdes has never been wrong about me liking a book so haha I trust her.

Graceling was another series that an old friend told me I’d like. I picked up the first book for $1 at BookOff. He’s really picky about faerie series and he’s the one who told me about Tithe, so if he liked this I knew it would be good. Katsa is a Graceling,ย someone born with a great talent. Unfortunately, hers is killing. As the king’s niece, she is forced to become his “thug”. She meets and befriends Po, a prince with unnaturalย combat skills. With his help she starts to discover a secret about her power.


Been meaning to get the Flappers series for a while so I grabbed them while they were discounted on Thriftbooks.

Matched was another series I’ve been meaning to get my hands on. This one is about a society in which the person you love, where you work, and when you die is all decided for you. Cassia trusts in their decisions completely, but when her soulmate is revealed to her she begins to doubt. She sees her best friend flash on the screen and everything is perfect until the moment where she sees another face flash for a few seconds. Now she’s not sure.


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