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Catching Up #2 – 2016

I’m gonna start out with some purchase I made off Barnes and Noble when there was a sale. This post, along with a few others, covers books I bought about a month ago but just got lazy about posting until now so here we go!


BH catch up 2

I bought the first book of the An Ember in the Ashes series off B&N because I’d heard a lot of friends talking about it and how much they liked it. Plus it was expensive which is always a plus. The second book Lourdes was kind enough to let me have at BookOff where it was only $5 (Woot!). From what I’ve heard it’s about the main character working as a spy for rebels to the empire in exchange for their help in saving her brother who was arrested for treason.

Lourdes bought the first book in the ACOTAR series for me as a Christmas present last year so I decided to buy the second one while there was a sale on Barnes and Noble for young adult books. I haven’t read either yet, to be honest, but I read Throne of Glass and fell in love with Maas (as did Lourdes) so I’m looking forward to finally starting it soon. It starts off with the main character killing a wolf and then being confronted by a faerie that demands she pay for it. He takes her back to faerie and while there her feelings for him start to change. She then has to decideย if she wants to help him or not when a dark force threatens the land. It kinda seems like faeries meet Beauty and the Beast lol.


Haha, The Assassin’s Blade is actually how I started reading Maas. I picked this up on my nook even before I started reading Throne of Glass. I fell in love with the characters and told my friend about it. She immediately told me to put it down because there were hints of things that happen in the next books so xD I stopped about a third of the way in and then bought Throne of Glass. Since I loved that so much I decided I had to have a physical copy of it too. It’s a collection of short stories set in the world of Throne of Glass/about its characters.

I bought Sinner from Thriftbooks to finish up the Mercy Falls Series that I had purchased at BookOff about a week before. And old friend loved the series and read it so I’ve been meaning to get my hands on it. From what I’ve seen it’s about a werewolf boy who is forced to shift into a wolf during winter, but during the summer he gets a few months to be human. Grace has spent a long time watching the wolves in the forest near her house, and when she meets a boy with familiar yellow eyes she knows it’s him. Then it’s a struggle about keeping their love alive.

Chain Reaction was another book I purchased to finish off a series I found at BookOff. This one is about two teens with different lives that get partnered up in their chemistry class. Brittany is the “perfect” popular girl and Alex is a gang member who made a bet about making her fall for him. It’s over time that he starts to see her as a real person and starts to get genuine feelings for her. I thought it was a cute story and I’m looking forward to reading it.

Finally, Cardcaptor Sakura: BEST. PURCHASE. EVER. This whole series was my childhood. It’s one ofย one of first anime I ever watched and I have always wanted to read the manga/have it for myself. I found the first omnibus at BookOff and was practically bouncing off the walls. Then my boyfriend was amazing enough to get me the other three volumes. I read the first two and am trying to pace myself so I can really enjoy it haha. It’s about a young girl, Sakura, who accidentally releases the clow cards–cards of immense power created long ago by a powerful magician. She’s then called upon as a Cardcaptor and charged with finding and capturing the cards again before disaster befalls the world. It’s super cute and I just love, love, love it.




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