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Catching Up #1 – 2016

Because I’ve bought quite a number of books in the past month and a half that I haven’t updated I’m going to break up all these purchases into  several posts over the next few weeks. For most of these, I’ve purchased all or most of the series so I’ll list what other books I purchased from the series.




I first came upon the The Violet Eden Chapters series on a Book Off trip with my friend. The last three books were there for super cheap so I couldn’t pass it up. Of course, that meant I had to order the first two books so I could actually start it haha. It’s about a teen having strange dreams and meeting a new guy that tells her they are both half human. It kinda looks like angels may be hunting them. Sounds interesting and it has good reviews so I thought “why not”.

The Fame Game is about a girl named Madison Parker that is struggling to rise to stardom after getting on a reality tv show, but she’s competing with someone else that’s already pretty famous. All the while she also has friends and family backstabbing her and making it difficult. Seems like it’ll be full of drama which I was a bit iffy about but I managed to nab the first book for $1 so I decided to give it a shot.

Half Bad is a book I have been dying to get my hands on. I finally got a notification from ThriftBooks about two weeks ago when there was a cheap copy available and I just snatched it up. I love stories about witches and magic, plus it kinda reminded me of the Wicked series by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie. It’s about two rival witch covens in modern-day England. The main character is the son of a feared and violent witch, and in order to get his powers he has to find his father but he has no one he can trust. This book just sounds absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to jump into it.

The reason I got Theater Illuminata is kinda funny. I had used some of the images for the covers before as characters for a roleplay on GaiaOnline in the past and it wasn’t until maybe a year ago that I found out it was actually from a book. I made a trip to BookOff with my friend and found two of the books for really cheap so I bought them because I was curious to see where these character images came from haha. I’m not exactly sure what it’s about because the synopsis was kinda vague, but it seems like it’s about actors from different plays that are bound magically to play out their parts by The Book. The main character, Bertie is supposed to save them from something threatening to destroy them.

Aaaand Tithe: THIS. SERIES. IS. AMAZING. I’ve read this all completely about two years ago based off a recommendation from an old friend. For a while I have been thinking about it and how I want to reread it (which doesn’t happen often coz I typically read something once and I’m done). I finally found the books for cheap at Thriftbooks/BookOff and was so happy. One of the best purchases I’ve made this year

Figured this was a nice transition into my next buy. As I said, I love Holly Black so when Lourdes found The Coldest Girl in Coldtown for me at BookOff I lost it. I just heard Holly Black and that was all I really needed to place it in my basket. It’s about these places called coldtowns where monsters are trapped along with humans (which often become prey to the creatures). Tana wakes up in a coldtown along with her ex-boyfriend and another boy. In order to escape, they must get to the center of the coldtown and survive.

Prince of Shadows is another book Lourdes found for me that I took up simply because of the author. I read Caine’s entire Morganville Vampire Series about a year ago. I devoured that series so quickly because it was just so easy to read, fun, and just plain amazing. I highly recommend it. But before I get lost in fangirling about that let’s come back to the actual book I’m supposed to be writing about haha. When I actually did look this up I was really intrigued. It’s about the Montague’s and Capulet’s but instead of following Romeo and Juliet it’s about Benvolio, Romeo’s cousin, and Rosaline Capulet. Benvolio is a thief at night called the Prince of Shadows, but when he decides to steal from the Capulet house he sees Rosaline and falls in love and that’s really when the “curse” beings.


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