General Updates

Reading Party

Lourdes and I had our little reading part last week and it was a complete success. I was able to make it about a third of the way into City of Heavenly Fire. I have to say I am really enjoying it (how could I not? ❤ Cassie) but it is a long read so it’ll take me a bit. In case you’re not sure what a reading part entails: you get a group of friends together, bring the book(s) you wanna read, get some food together, play some music or random videos in the background, and then just read away! It’s really fun. You’re get to hear your friends laughing or cursing at whatever is going on. Of course I have to ask. We usually end up laughing even more at the jokes I make about the situation. There’s someone right there for those “I can’t even” moments. It’s just really great ❤

Next up will be our big shopping trip we’ve been (I’ve been lol) waiting for all summer, so definitely expect some pics with my book hauls. Anyways, hope everyone is doing well in their own reading journeys. More updates this weekend!


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