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Review: Perfect Lies




Title:Perfect Lies

Author:Kiersten White

Series: Book 2, Final

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆



Fia and Annie continue their fight against the Keane Foundation in this second and final novel, but this time they do so alone. After Fia’s plan to fake Annie’s death succeeds the sisters are forced to stay apart. While Fia works together with James to bring down his father’s reign, Annie works with Raphael and his group to reach the same goal. But without Annie as her compass, Fia finds herself doubting her perfect instincts. At the same time Annie sees visions of a dangerous future for girls like them, a future where girl after girl disappears, lost in the black hole that is the Keane Foundation. What worries her most are her visions of Fia. When they finally burn Keane and his group to the ground Annie isn’t sure if Fia will come out unscathed.

The story has both sisters’ points of views and is sort of like a countdown to the final moment.

divider-51Favorite Characters

Fia and “Pixie” (aka Mae) were my favorite characters.

Ever since the first book I loved the way White showed the pain and guilt Fia felt over the people she killed. It wasn’t just her thinking about them constantly or talking about it, or agonizing over it. She always put on this mask that she was ruthless and unaffected by everything, but Fia always had this sort of tick where she would tap on her leg. She was always tapping her leg, once for every victim. I thought it was a very creative and unique way to show how they were always on her mind, always a part of her.

And Mae I liked because of how honest she was with Fia and how despite always looking out for her best interests she never considered selling out Fia and Annie (since she knew Annie was still alive). I think in Annie’s absence Mae did her best to keep Fia on the right path. She was very important in that sense.

divider-51Favorite Scenes

► Gah! There’s so many. I really love this series. It’s so fun and easy to read, and the characters are well written. Plus I’m a sucker for books/series with people having abilities.

So here’s my first fave: It was basically at the beginning of the book after someone picks Annie up (right after her death has been faked). She is–understandably–confused and scared. At first, she doesn’t know that the person she’s with is there to help her since he tells Annie that he is not working with Fia. Once she hears that Annie panics and threatens to scream while fumbling with her phone in the hopes of calling Adam for help.

He swears, then grabs my fingers. I nearly shout until I realize he’s pressing my index finger onto a button. I hear a number dialing.

“Crazy must run in your family,” he says.

“You do know Fia!” I blurt, then bite my lip. He exhales in a silent laugh at my immediate association of crazy with my own sister.

► James and Fia do have their good moments when it’s not all about their non-planning (so that the psychics can’t predict their moves) to bring down the Keane Foundation. This is one of them. It’s after Fia runs into some trouble and gets hurt.

“Dmitri,” he growls, nodding. “If I had been there…”

“I still would have fought him and won, but then I would have had to worry about you too.”

James gives me a wry half smile. “At least let me pretend I can defend you sometimes.”

I pat his cheek. “You’re so cute when you’re delusional.”

► I loved the strong ties between Annie and Fia. Above all else, they were loyal to one another and made sure to watch out for each other despite the fact that they were apart. I also liked how they were so different from one another, opposites really. Fia was all instinct and pure emotion. She went with that felt right and was quick to anger. Annie was always calm and logical. Fia started falling apart with Annie, but Annie pushed herself into growing independent. I’m putting two quotes in this one, one from each sister.

I miss Fia so much, it’s like I’ve lost another sense, one I didn’t know I had until it was gone.

I used to be a compass, trained on the true north of protecting Annie. Without her I lost my north.

► Perfect Lies also has a bit of romance in it. I liked that it didn’t completely take over but it was still in the back of my mind the entire time. It was also pretty funny to watch Annie go on this hunt. It basically boiled down to Annie having a vision about falling in love with someone. In the vision, she holds their hand and when she does she just… knows that she loves him. Afterward she kind of looks for excuses to hold hands with just about every guy she interacts with to see if it’s the one.

Someone reaches out and laces his fingers through mind and my world blossoms with color–inside the darkness. It’s color and light and life that I feel inside me instead of seeing outside. I’m wild and giddy with joy, a warm heat flaring like something long dormant in my heart has finally been switched on.

His fingers are not much longer than mine, his palm only a bit bigger, rough but warm, and the way our hands fit together…

Holy crap. I’m in love.


Aaaaah, what can I say? I love, love, love this book. I said it before, but I’ll say it again: it’s such an easy and fun read. It reads smoothly and I enjoy having both the sisters’ points of view to compare and contrast with. Plus whenever I’m reading and the new chapter says “Two Weeks Before” or, “3 Days Before” it’s like a ticking clock and it just drives me to want to read more (even if I’m dead tired and it’s past midnight haha).

I mentioned this in my “Favorite Scenes” section, but I really do enjoy the way that Kiersten White shows how her characters are feeling in new ways. For Fia, it’s the tapping on her leg that reminds her of every person she’s killed and shows how this guilt has worked itself into her every day, every moment. In Annie’s case, it’s this search for love. I like the twist of her having a vision of it and knowing that it could be right around the corner. Moreover, I found her investigative methods amusing; she kept making excuses to hold people’s hands to compare them to what she had felt in her vision. At the same time she worried that she would fall in love for the wrong reasons: because she thought she should, because it was the hand she’d felt and not because of any real connection to the person.

On Fia’s side, it was such a turn from seeing her as this strong (although damaged) female character to being almost completely broken and held together by some miracle. It really made me think about how Annie always saw herself as holding Fia back, but when it came down to it Annie was really the glue that held her sister together.

I also thought that Fia constantly doubting herself was ironic and interesting. Here we have this character with “perfect” instincts that guide her into knowing all the right (and wrong) decisions to make, but without her sister, without something to really ground her and help her focus she feels useless. She describes is as “one of those horrible in-between feelings”, where she doesn’t know exactly what’s right or wrong, and it’s like “experiencing my own feelings through a bad phone connection”. Wow. I mean, she’s basically describing what it feels to be human, to be like everyone else who can’t just instinctively know what’s right or wrong. I thought it was such a beautiful quote, and I enjoyed reading her journey through this humanized period.

Now, I won’t give any spoilers, but I did love the ending. I think it was perfect (no pun intended) after having these two sisters constantly feeling like their futures were set in stone. Every time something happened there felt like there was only a wrong and more wrong choice to make. Fia’s ability lets her change the future but she’s resigned herself to the idea that she can’t make the right decision anymore. Annie is the only one who can see Fia’s future, but she doesn’t like what she sees. How it ends… well, you’ll just have to read and find out~


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