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Book Off + Updates

So my friend and I made a trip to Book Off today, and since she was going to be selling a bunch of books I decided maybe I should too. I said goodbye to quite a few books today, and made about $22, which wasn’t too bad.


I sold my Vampire Knight manga (1-7), some random Cardcaptor Sakura, and random Inuyasha manga volumes I had laying around that people had given me in the past. I wasn’t really too invested in having to buy the rest of the volumes (these series are really long) so I decided to sell them. I do really love Cardcaptors though, so I plan to buy the omnibus volumes later on instead to save money and space.

I also sold about half the House of Night novels (by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast) that I owned and had already read. I would’ve sold the other half but for some reason Book Off didn’t take it. It’s a series that I really loved the idea of so I kinda like the first couple of books but once the character started having love interests left and right (I think from what I’ve read so far there are about 4-5 at least) I became really irritated with it. Not to mention it all just kinda seemed… poorly written after about the third or fourth book. But, since I’d already read about halfway through the series I pushed on and decided I would finish it all then sell the books.

As for the rest, it was mostly random books that I’d had from my high school days (Scarlet Letter, Huckleberry Finn, that sorta stuff) as well as Eon and some old art books. I’m currently reading Eona so when I’m done I’ll put that in my To-Sell pile. It was good, just not a book I’m super crazy about. My goal is to read a decent chunk of the books on my shelves and then sell off some of those I’m not obsessed over so that I can free up my bookshelf a bit (I feel slightly guilty about how many books those poor shelves are holding up haha).

My friend and I are planning another big trip to Book Off in August, by which time I hope to have read more books that I can add to my To-Sell pile. I want to make room for other books that are coming out so some of the ones I have now will have to go.

I’m actually pretty proud of myself for going to Book Off and not spending any money. Instead, I played the devil-on-the-shoulder (Mwahahaha) for my friend Lourdes and pointed out that a series she was wanting to read was on sale for $5, and then showed her some comics that were pretty cheap too.

I apologize for not updating in so long. The steam summer sale kinda derailed my plans so I’ve been busy working with my mom to make some extra money for games now that they’re cheap (and the sale is ending on July 4th sooooo). I went completely crazy and bought Sims 3 along with about 6 expansion packs and I’m still wanting to get two more. Plus I want to get my boyfriend Saints Row IV so we can play co-op.

But yes, enough about my gamer needs–I’ll be reading a lot more after next week when the sale ends and I’ll finish up Eona because I’m about 2/3 of the way in now, and post a review on it before I go tackle Perfect Lies. All in all, a pretty fun weekend, even if I had to say goodbye to some old friends. It’s okay, I’ll get book shopping therapy in August to fill the void ❤


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