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Spoiler Alert: I normally make my reviews spoiler free but since this is an update of where I currently am in the book there will be some references to events in the book.

It is really, really, really hot today x_x” I tried to make some iced tea and the ice was gone in the moment I had to go find some sugar to sweeten it a bit. I am a like halfway through Eona at this point, though to be honest I haven’t been reading the last couple of days because it’s just been so damn hot I can’t focus.

I gotta say that Eona isn’t bad but it just doesn’t have the same appeal I think as Eon did. It’s not badly written, but I am annoyed with several characters that keep demanding Eona put herself in danger to help them, and then they blame her when things have an unexpected backlash. First one character demanded that she heal someone even though Eona had told them that it was dangerous for her to use her abilities at the moment. She did end up saving the person but apparently her powers got out of control and destroyed the entire village, killing 30-something people. Tragic, I know, but it’s not like she didn’t warn them. Even when they forgive her and seem to be moving on they just bring it up again whenever anything gets a little tough. Ugh.

I think another thing that kind of makes it hard to read is that I’m just not into the romance in the book. The relationship between Eona and the prince just seems… forced. It’s not only Eona’s weird connection to the old dragoneye, Kinra, that’s pushing her but suddenly the prince seems so interested in her. It’s just… it happened too fast I think. I’m hoping it’ll ease up a bit as the story goes along or that they’ll just get together already so the story will stop focusing on it so much.

Also, I am making some Throne of Glass fanart. I made the sketch already so I’ll probably go ahead and color it in a few days and post it up. Happy Monday everyone!


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