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I love, love, love the The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices series, both by Cassandra Clare (even though I’ve only read the first book in the latter). So of course I was pumped to hear about The Dark Artifices. Although my shopping plans were kinda ruined because someone took my Barnes and Noble mail and I didn’t find it until after the coupons had expired, I managed to still be able to snag Lady Midnight with the Father’s Day discount that B&N has right now. Terrible, I know, but my dad doesn’t read or anything so I figured I should take advantage of it anyways.

It should be here in a couple of days ❤ so excited. I only have City of Heavenly Fire left to read in The Mortal Instruments series. Probably once I’m done I want to tackled the rest of The Infernal Devices before I take on Lady Midnight. Of course, all of this after I finish my current reads. So yeah, just a little update on that. I’ll post again soon when my order comes in, probably give a little synopsis on the different series then.

Also, I don’t know if anyone has seen the Shadowhunters TV Show. I was really hoping it would be better than the movie, but the show honestly infuriates me. I can’t stand how bad the writing and acting is. Sadly, I just don’t think The Mortal Instruments is ever going to be done decently. I mean the movie was alright for the most part (save for ruining future movies and giving major spoilers to any potential would-be readers). Oh well, I’ll always have the books ❤

So I’ll leave you guys with those final thoughts. Feel free to comment and let me know how you felt about the TV Show/Movie adaptations. Have a good one everyone!



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