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Current Reads: Eona & Perfect Lies

So here are the next two books I’m planning on reading, both are sequels in their respective series so expect some spoilers, but I’ll try to keep it to the minimum:


Title: Eona
Author:Alison Goodman

Eona follows the events from the first book, Eon, as the main character embraces her new role as the Mirror Dragoneye. However, she is still struggling to control her powers and there is an army after her and her companions.

I loved reading Eon, so I’m really looking forward to seeing how it all ends.


Title: Perfect Lies
Author:Kiersten White

Perfect Lies continues where Annie and Fia left off: fighting to get free from the twisted Keane Foundation, a mysterious group that forces people with unique abilities to work for them for their own selfish purposes.

Annie is blind, but her ability to see into the future more than makes up for it, and Fia, her twin, has gut instincts that let her make the right decision for whatever she puts her mind to. I really loved both their abilities (despite the fact that seeing into the future is so common), especially Fia’s. The first book, Mind Games, was a little slow, though not a bad read so I am happy to be able to see where this goes, especially now that the sisters have some new allies.


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